I am a maker of memories just like a wizard who cast a spell. What I mean by that is that when you work in the entertainment industry it’s like casting a magic spell and taking the audience on a magical journey. Then days or even years later that person thinks of the fun they had. How many of you think back to a play or film and say to someone who went with you “Remember that time we saw that film it was so funny”. This really hit home for me last year when my play The Christmas Mouse was produced and played for two weeks at Christmas. I would later hear from people that the grandkids they brought to the show went home and played Christmas Mouse. It was what I had always hoped for I had added some magic to their Christmas. Making a memory that they will forever think about (I hope). I believe this to be true not matter what part you play in the making of entertainment. Even as a stage manager the fact that I help to make sure that the show goes off with no issues helps that audience to enjoy the show. This is what I live for it’s what helps me get out of bed with things are at their darkest. Don’t get me wrong lots of money would also be nice but at the end of it all I hope to just have made someone’s life for a time better because I made the laugh or gave them a memoir that will help them through there bad times in their life.