So today I wanted to list some new web pages I have found that can help you in your efforts to write. Before I go into all of that I did want to update you on what I have been working on.

    As some of you know I created a Christmas play for kids called The Christmas Mouse with music by Linda Arnold, and I found out this summer that the theater was going to run the play again this Christmas witch was great news. Then I found out that it’s going on a small road trip and going to play at a winter festival before it opens up at the theater. Then just when I thought it could not get any better I found out that I won the Silicon Valley small theater award for outstanding youth play. It felt so good to know that all my hard work paid off.

    I have also been working on my gay vampire script and for the most part it is done. I just need to proofread it and I have a rough draft of the treatment but need to go back over that. Treatments have always been an issue with me even in college. I can remember the first time I turned one into this professor. He turned it back to me a couple of days later with a note that said “please do this again not only for you but your GPA”. So working on a treatment is always a slow process for me because I keep putting it off.

I have also been relooking at a sitcom pilot I created and was thinking of ways to update the jokes and the story. I also took all of my condom facebook stuff and put it into a script as a sample of my comedy writing and will post that at the bottom for you to look at if you would like.

Now for the list of web pages I am not going to go into too much about them I think that everyone should check it out and find what they can get out of it for their needs.

  1. Script Chat: This web page brings new and seasoned screenwriters together to learn. The topic changes every week and the chat time is 5pm PST.
  2. Twitter Database: A great place to find the twitter id of writers. It can be looked at by show or last name.
  3. TV Writer Podcast: Gary Jones (@GrayJones) interviews some great people who are working in the industry. Great way to find out how others have been successful.
  4. Confusing Words: Is a collection of over 3000 words that are troublesome for writers. Like Affect and effect or there, their and they’re. Words are grouped according to the way they are most often confused or misused.

For those who follow me on facebook I have been putting up all kinds of condom commercials over the last year. This is all of those put together in one big sketch comedy commercial




A man and a woman are making out on a couch in front of a TV

she pulls away.



So do you have a condom?



Oh no I don’t do you?



No but I am sure it will be okay.



Don’t let this be you. Remember

that Moses may have wanted a burning

bush but you don’t. That’s why you

should always keep a pack of I

Can’t Believe It’s a Condom with

you at all times.


In a flash the man in bed now has a box of I can’t believe

it’s a condom. He looks at the package in awe.



This is so cool and it says that I

have the Oh My God collection.



That’s right and it’s also available

with panoramic views of the Holy

Land. We also offer the O M G

condom. This is guaranteed to make

you closer to God as you will be

screaming his name on high. That’s

not all we offer different types of

condoms for all kinds of people.



Really like what?



Like the Musical condom. That’s

right why you make that sweet sweet

loving you can serenade your

partner with such classic songs

like, Like a Virgin, I love a

parade, send in the clowns, all my

ex’s live in Texas and happy




That sounds fun, but do you have

any designed for a woman?



Yes we offer the Faker. That’s

right ladies no need to strain your

voice let the faker condom scream

for you so you can find extra time

to catch up on sleep. Now available

in several different models. The

Screams Of Navarone, the hills Are

Alive With screaming, and the

popular Bringing Down The House.


With a flash the couple now has all different kinds of I

can’t Believe it not a condoms box’s all around them.



Wow I think we are ready now.

Should we use the O M G one?



No I am kind of tired so let’s use

the Faker… Bringing Down The




Sounds good to me.


Man begins to open the condom up.



(Winks at camera)Thanks I can’t

believe it’s not a condom now I will

get three more minutes of extra

sleep tonight.


Close up on box of condoms.



We here at I can’t believe it’s not

a condom know it can always be a

bit funky to cage your monkey but

remember our slogan. Moses may have

wanted a burning bush but you