When I was a kid in the summer my mother would take my sister and I to the movies on hot days because we did not have AC or a pool. I can still remember the first time I saw that magical silver light flicker on the screen it captivated me. It’s from here that my love of film started, and for that matter everything to do with entertainment.
      As I got older I would play with my Star Wars action figures and make up my own stories. I can remember being very unhappy that I had married Luke and Princess Leia just to find out that they were brother and sister. I drove my mother crazy with frozen bottles of water that hand Action figures in them. She would say “Honey can Han Solo come out of the freezer now?” I would go running to get him cut the bottle open and make up some story about how the ice under the earth was melting and a man from the past would come out to lead his people to victory.
     This was the time in my life when telling a story was easy. When it would get hard is when I would try to type out stories with my Dyslexia. I cannot tell you how long I have struggled with it. It is maddening to me that I understand M theory or String theory, but have a hard time spelling the word science (just so you know I had to look the word up.). As a kid I would at times go home and cry because I just could not write something so that another person could read it. It took a lot of hard work but now I can do it. I need the help of spell check and having the computer read it out load to me, but it works. What I want to do on this blog is talk about why journey to get to the place where a play that I created was produced last year and is coming back this year. In the hopes that others will find the courage to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in front of them are.